Glacier Isolation

Tour Specs

  • Rating: Easy/Moderate
  • Days: 1/2 Day
  • Length: 2 Miles
  • Vertical: 200' Climb

Tour Info


    This is truly an awesome afternoon experience, designed only for the adventurous at heart. The Super Cub will take a scenic journey to a nearby glacier and land on the precarious white ice. With trips of more than one, someone will be left on the ice, alone, as the pilot returns for your companion/s. After we are all on the glacier and the airplane is parked we will take a one mile hike over and around crevasses to the edge of Iceberg Lake. To stand within a hundred feet of vertical blue ice is a remarkable experience that will leave a lasting impression. If you are really fortunate the glacier may show her power by calving off a piece of ice twice the size of your house. The diversity and uncertainty of this tour makes it an awesome experience. Make sure you bring a camera because the views are breathtaking. While this is an exciting trip we assure you that nothing that is knowingly unsafe will be done. Your safety is of utmost importance. The weather is an unknown element that makes these tours difficult to reserve. We recommend a flexible attitude and an adventurous spirit. I canít wait to show you.


  • $500 per person (All Prices subject to fuel cost.)


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